Friday, September 26, 2008

In the beginning....

Hey there everyone. Welcome to the new home for THE ADVENTUROUS HEWIE HUSTON. For those of you first seeing these or ever hearing about Hewie, here's some background. Hewie Huston the youngest of three, is always on the imaginative trail that is his childhood. He takes journeys into his imagination and creates the excitement that keeps him occupied. When not in his imagination he can be found tormenting his older sisters, Rene (the oldest) and Irene (the middle child).

Hewie Huston is essentially my inner child... well to be more precise... Hewie is me. This strip is based off my childhood which means some stories are true for the most part (Superhero Blunder). So I leave you to the comics... here is, THE ADVENTUROUS HEWIE HUSTON.

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